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"Tigress, I am having a hard time this weekend in particular as it's a long one. I know I am not the only one. Holidays seem to bring out the loneliness in people. Anyway, I just want you to know I purchased your Lifted Hearts book this morning and took great comfort in it today. Your words gave me such strength - It gives me a healthy perspective of the ways things are right now. Thank you - Thank you - for being so wise about this. It's about time groups start forming for people who have lost a love relationship in their lives. I firmly agree!" ~~C


"Thank You SOOO Much!!

I cannot even begin to thank you. I purchased your web-book today, and for the first time since my breakup with my boyfriend a week ago (and finding out there's someone else, uggh!!) I finally felt that I was totally understood. I have been putting myself through mental torture for a week now, and hanging on and hoping, praying that it would all work out, when what I should've done was begin to accept & let go. I can't even begin to thank you enough. That was the best money I have ever spent in my life!!!!!!!!"~SW



Your insight is helping me very much




I just have to write and tell you thank you so much. You understand exactly what I am going through."~~S


"It's great! I can't believe how you can touch my heart and know my feelings, especially the section on loneliness. After reading about the angels, I know I definitely have issues that need to be addressed. "~~M


"It is a cloudy day here, yet for some reason I feel a little better today, a little sunnier inside. It was probably reading through "Lifted Hearts" last night, and making a huge discovery thanks to Tig.

To all newcomers to this board (and I include myself there), and to all those suffering and/or grieving from a lost love, I cannot recommend more highly her online book. I am about 1/2 through, and it has crystallized so much wisdom on the subject. I really do think reading it will be a turning point in my recovery. I want to thank Tig from the bottom of my heart for writing it, and sharing it. Best bucks I ever spent."~~Neil


"Hi Tigress

I am reading the book, it is very good. It seems at at my age I didn't have much ideas about relationships. That is the cause of my failure with woman. I think now that I only had lived for work.

Thank you again for your help."~~M


"I am almost through the online book "Lifted Hearts", and it is giving me much to think about, and do. I believe there is a lot of wisdom in there, and it is one of those "Ahaaaaa!" books, where you read something, and you have an "I already knew that" deja vu experience."

"Dear Tigress, I finished your book.....
....what a wonderful you have given me, and all of us. You are an amazing person. Thank you so much. I will try to apply all of the insight, wisdom, and knowledge, and to finally let go of the woman I love."~~N


"Tigress, I just finished reading your online book, Lifted Hearts, and I can't thank you enough. I wish I had found your site and read your book months ago. I see things so much clearer now. I have hope in my heart (and I can feel a faint smile return to my lips :) You are such a blessing. Thank you for your wisdom".~~M.L. (Miki)


"Wow!" ~~Jenny D.


"I believe in my heart now that God led me to this website and I chose this book for a reason. I have been praying and asking for hope and some sign that this will end and I will move on and now I have you to help me. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book that I can definitely relate to. I will always keep it right by my side.

You are my angel Tigress"

Sincerely, D.W.


"Your book has helped me more than anything else has. I am reading a section a day, and I can tell you that I felt better on the very first page! Thank you for understanding."~~Ty


"All of the suffering people should (if they haven't done so already) buy Tig's book. I keep plugging it over and over again. It will help all of you immeasurably. It literally shaved weeks/months (years?) off of my healing process."

"This book should be mandatory reading!"~~NR Davis


I purchased "Lifted Hearts" after a recent convoluted and painful split with my partner of 6 years. It is a genuine source of very sound and honest advice that I can't recommend enough to people.~~Guy


Lifted Hearts was THE BEST money I have EVER spent. I was so utterly distraught after my breakup that nothing could calm me down.

By the grace of God, I found this website, and Tig's book, and I'm telling you, I've never seen such a fantastic "getting over your breakup" book in my life. ~~S


Thank you so much for writing this awesome book and for making it accessible. Your words and your reasoning really helped to save my life. I was in a very dark place and very suicidal last summer and for most of the fall. I still have my ups and downs but my life is back in my hands now. I'm eternally grateful to you and I hope that your good deed of sharing your wisdom comes back to you.

Sincerely~ Carole

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